Breezer Mobile Cooling’s online customer service portal adds a new dimension of convenience and ease to the customer experience

Breezer Mobile Cooling customers enjoy cooler, safer and more productive workplace conditions thanks to the incredible Power Breezer and O2 mobile cooling fans. And now, the experience of owning a Breezer Mobile Cooling product has gotten even better! Welcome to With only a few clicks, customers have unlimited access to useful service and product information, which saves time and money.

Anytime, Anywhere

“ is another exciting milestone in improving the experience for our customers,” says Andrea Martin, Breezer Mobile Cooling Customer Service Manager. “It allows them to quickly and easily find answers to their service questions – anytime, anywhere! Just log on to this amazing resource center for fast access to an abundance of great information. It’s now right there at your fingertips.”

At customers may:

  1. File a new service claim
  2. Get updates on an existing service claim
  3. Download user manuals
  4. Browse repair videos
  5. Check out helpful parts and diagrams lists
  6. Explore the online knowledge base with a wealth of useful information

Get Started

We would like to invite our customers to check out the intro video to here.

Because access credentials are needed to log in, you’ll need to get in touch to receive them. Therefore, to request your own account, click here.

To log in, click here.

We hope you are as excited as we are. Hop on over to and enjoy!