Advice on Current Fashion Trends with Magdy Kotb

February 14, 2023
Sonia Gossai

In a world where style is often dictated by fleeting fashion trends, it’s important to remember that true elegance lies in authenticity. This isn’t an appeal to shun trends, but a call to shift our focus from transient modes to a more enduring sense of personal style.

The fashion industry, in its cyclical nature, can sometimes sweep us away into a maelstrom of fast-changing trends. Yet, as the oversized silhouettes replace the once-dominant slim fits, we are reminded of the power of individuality and self-expression.

Each of us is more than a mere echo of the trend du jour; we are trendsetters, capable of projecting our persona through what we wear. What truly matters, therefore, isn’t what’s in vogue, but how well our clothing resonates with us.

Magdy Kotb, Founder of  Clothing Coach notes that fashion trends, such as slim fit or baggy clothing, are cyclical and often part of a marketing strategy. On the CoachYu show, Kotb encourages individuals to be trendsetters, setting the tone when they enter a room. The emphasis is on expressing oneself through clothing without having to speak and dressing to one’s life rhythm, personality, and goals. Kotb concludes with the statement, “It’s not the fashion. It’s the passion.”

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