How AI is Changing Prospecting for Sales and Marketing Teams

March 11, 2024
Aby Varma


As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it’s no surprise that its applications within sales and marketing teams are becoming more profound and game-changing. AI’s capabilities are upending traditional prospecting methods, leading to a significant shift in how businesses approach their sales and marketing strategies. Companies utilizing AI for prospecting have seen a measurable uptick in efficiency, with documented case studies showing up to a 50% lift in appointments and lead generation.

What is the future of sales and marketing in an AI-driven world?

Welcome to the Marketing AI Sparkcast with host Aby Varma, a seasoned B2B marketing leader passionate about the intersection of technology and creativity. In this episode, Varma and his guest, Matt Millen, the Co-Founder & President at Regie.AI, explore the transformative effects of AI on sales and marketing teams.

Essential takeaways from the conversation:

  • AI’s role in accelerating customer acquisition and its direct impact on the top-line
  • How AI-driven prospecting is leading to higher engagement rates and prospecting sentiment
  • The journey from simple automation to sophisticated AI automation in the sales process

Matt Millen brings a wealth of experience to the table. Starting his sales journey in 1987, Millen has witnessed firsthand the infusion of technology into sales, evolving into an AI-pioneering entrepreneur. His achievements include solving the challenge of creating content at scale and establishing Regie.AI as a leader in AI-powered sales and marketing.

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