Content-Forward & Performance Skills are Elevating Storytelling in B2B Sales


Is storytelling in B2B sales an art or a science? Perhaps the art of sales is in the storytelling, and telling that story to make an impact is the science.

In the fast-paced world of B2B sales, the convergence of content creation and performance skills is no longer a novelty but a necessity. As businesses navigate the complexities of digital engagement, the ability to craft compelling narratives and present them with authenticity has emerged as a critical differentiator. Drawing from the insights of Ogilvy’s Influencing Business-The Global Rise of B2B Influencer Marketing Report, it’s clear that the global rise of B2B influencer marketing is reshaping how companies connect with their audiences, turning traditional sales strategies on their head. This approach enhances brand visibility and fosters a deeper, more meaningful connection with potential clients. By integrating personal brand curation, podcasting, and even elements of traditional acting into their repertoire, B2B sales professionals are setting new standards for success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

But what does this mean for the B2B sales professional today? How can leveraging these unique skills transform the traditional sales approach into a dynamic, engaging, and ultimately more successful strategy? Can storytelling in B2B sales usher in a new era of engagement?

Welcome to a new episode of Experts Talk, presented by MarketScale. Hosted by Daniel J. Litwin, the Voice of B2B, this episode features a panel of distinguished guests: Ben Thomas, Head of Pro AV & Integrated Tech Partnerships at MarketScale; Greg Bryk, a Canadian film and television actor known for his roles in Bitten and Saw V; and Ray Novak, Senior Sales Manager at Icom America. Together, they embrace the transformative power of storytelling and performance in B2B sales to explore how the strategic utilization of these elements to captivate and convert.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • The evolving role of content in the B2B sales process and its impact on customer engagement
  • Strategies for personal brand curation that resonate with both the sales professional and their audience
  • The integration of traditional acting and performance skills to enhance sales presentations and pitches

About the Guests:

Ben Thomas brings a wealth of experience in Pro AV and tech partnerships, offering insights into integrating technology in storytelling for sales. With his extensive background in acting, Greg Bryk provides a unique perspective on performance and its application in business settings. With years of sales management experience, Ray Novak shares practical strategies for applying these concepts in the field.

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