BONUS EPISODE: Debt Collection Through the Years with Kay Drinkwitz

January 1, 2023

On this episode of Closing the books, a podcast by I.C. System, Host, Eric Johannes, sat down with Kay Drinkwitz, a Lead at IC System. The two discussed Drinkwitz’s 27-year journey at I.C. system, from her early days as a college student to her work today as a mentor for other collectors, as well as how the task of debt collecting has evolved throughout her years at I.C. System.

Drinkwitz was only 18 when she got referred by her supervisor to start at I.C. System. She recalls her first years working in debt collection being intimidating, especially when comparing herself to some of the more experienced collectors. “I was very soft on the phone,” Drinkwitz explains, “I think it helped me develop a lot of my self-confidence over the years. I’ve grown with the job for sure.”

After graduating college with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Mathematics, Drinkwitz found that her job at I.C. system ultimately worked best with the life changes she was experiencing at the time. Now, 27 years later what started as a part-time job in college has turned into many years of experience and fostered relationships.

“I definitely could not work for a company that was not in line with my own values,” Drinkwitz explains. “We really try to put people first and that’s important to me. The approach that we have always taken is to try to help people and try to do the right thing.”

The two go on to discuss the evolution of debt collecting at I.C. system, such as changes in terminology like “consumer” instead of “debtor”, as well as dealing with the negative connotations associated with debt collecting and navigating through difficult conversations with consumers.

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