Can You Become a Thought Leader While Working Full-Time? Yes, by Leading with Authenticity and Sharing Your Unique Stories

March 20, 2024
Ron Stefanski


As we navigate the complexities of the modern professional landscape, the concept of thought leadership has taken on new dimensions. No longer just for those in academia or executive roles, becoming a thought leader is now a tangible goal for professionals in various industries aiming to influence and inspire within their digital communities.

Amidst the demands of a full-time job, how can one establish themselves as a thought leader?

DisruptED,” a series by Ron Stefanski now on LinkedIn Live, aims to demystify the process of building and sustaining thought leadership in the digital age. With a backdrop of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where an estimated 70% of professionals believe thought leadership is critical to their career growth, this episode couldn’t be timelier. This episode features guest Tim Maitland, co-founder of MarketScale where the discussion ventures into the balancing act of nurturing thought leadership alongside managing career responsibilities.

The dialogue traverses through several focal points, including:

  • Leveraging personal stories and experiences to connect with and grow your audience.
  • Practical tactics for integrating thought leadership pursuits with day-to-day job demands.
  • The significance of authenticity and personal connection in digital engagement.

Tim Maitland’s background in co-creating MarketScale, a platform dedicated to empowering digital marketing and community building, adds depth to the episode. His journey from advertising professional to entrepreneur and thought leader provides a blueprint for listeners aspiring to make their mark.

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