Comprehensive Document Recovery Solutions

June 1, 2023

We focus on the critical need for organizations such as libraries, schools, hospitals, government facilities, police stations, and more, to protect and recover valuable paper-based media from various disasters. 

Polygon’s document recovery solutions are showcased as comprehensive and efficient, providing 24/7 emergency response, the largest fleet of energy-efficient drying equipment globally, and a team of experienced recovery specialists. The state-of-the-art vacuum freeze drying chambers are emphasized as an effective solution for specific materials and projects, utilizing negative pressure for optimal drying. The desiccant air dry distribution system enables real-time access to documents during reprocessing, allowing businesses to remain active even in the midst of a disaster. Polygon’s liquid-free cleaning and sterilization process is highlighted for removing dirt, grime, and fungi spores, while their digital imaging services offer an alternative or complementary solution to restoration, ensuring safeguarding against further environmental concerns.

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