Achieving Optimal Results with Aerospace Major Repair and Recovery


The aerospace industry has been in recovery mode since the end of the global pandemic. Domestic and international travel are rising, but challenges remain from supply chain disruptions, digital transformation, obtaining a skilled workforce, and future air mobility considerations of AAM and EVTOL. 

To keep ahead of these challenges, one area of critical importance in the aerospace industry is the need for major repair and recovery services, where achieving optimal results should be the baseline goal. What separates major repair and recovery from standard AOG (aircraft on the ground) repairs? 

Beyond MRO host Michelle Dawn Mooney checked in with FEAM Aero’s Director of Operations, Lindsey Gamell, and Vice President of Major Repair and Recovery, Michael Turpin, to learn more about aerospace major repair and recovery, what it entails, and how those optimal results get achieved. 

Mooney, Gamell, and Turpin cover the following on the podcast: 

  • Differentiating AOG repairs from major repair and recovery ones 
  • Why major repair and recovery is so essential to the aerospace industry, and why FEAM Aero chose to invest heavily in this area 
  • Examples of recent FEAM Aero successful major repair and recovery efforts 
  • The personal satisfaction of working on major repair and recovery efforts 

“If you think about the sheer magnitude of the repairs,” Turpin said of the scope of several recent projects. “Two months on both of those aircraft and four weeks on the other. The allotment of headcount, allotment of the tooling, just bringing that all together, and all three of them go down successfully, I would call it one of my larger milestones.” 

About Lindsey 

Lindsey Gamell is a talented and experienced business leader and manager passionate about aviation, fully understands the rules and regulations surrounding FAA compliance, and creates and enforces policies and procedures. 

Gamell effectively manages teams, production, maintenance work orders, supply, and inventory, ensuring customer satisfaction and support. She builds sustaining relationships with customers, coworkers, senior management, and stakeholders to enhance organizational strategy. Gamell received her B.S. in aviation security from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

 About Michael 

Michael Turpin has twenty-five-plus years in the Aerospace industry. He studied aviation safety and aircraft accident investigation at the University of Southern California. He is a licensed airframe & powerplant mechanic, an FAA-certified commercial helicopter pilot, and a U.S. Navy veteran. 

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