Current Educational Landscape Demands More Executive Functions to Create Quality Learning Environments

August 22, 2023
Alexandra Simon


The educational landscape changes often and conversations surrounding teaching methods, particularly post-pandemic, have never been more crucial. The metaphor of the “educator’s plate” represents a broad spectrum of challenges educators face daily. It ranges from managing students’ behavior to nurturing their cognitive abilities, all amid a backdrop of increased responsibility. 

The balance of these demands calls for new thinking in how executive functions. This includes cognitive flexibility, inhibitory control, and working memory. And all can be woven into the everyday curriculum. As this conversation deepens and there are several takes that explore new dimensions of this educational landscape. For a special segment of the “Change Starts Here,” podcast by FranklinCovey, host Dustin Odham honored “Research Week” by speaking with a few of the company’s team members.

FranklinCovey’s Eve Miller, PhD, Director of Research; Jennifer Chevalier, Ed.D, Director of Funding; and Kim Yaris, M.Ed, Researcher, shared their insights and real-world experiences. They also discussed various aspects, such as points listed in the executive functioning handout PDF, and why this approach is needed. 

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