Stenograph Podcast: Edge now includes Catalyst Academy

May 9, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, learning has become an essential part of our lives. The need for constant upskilling and keeping up with the latest technology advancements has never been more critical. In the software industry, this is especially true, as technology changes at an astonishing rate. To keep up with the latest technological advancements in the product marketing and management space, training programs have become a crucial aspect.Centigraph understands this need and has responded by introducing Catalyst Academy. Catalyst Academy is a training program that provides access to over 140 videos covering various topics related to voice and Steno products, writers, KCNETs, and most importantly, numerous Catalyst features. Mansi Soni emphasizes that providing training content was one of their customer’s top requests in a recent survey. As Cindy Lynch states in the blog post above: “people have different learning styles – they learn in different ways.” For those who prefer self-paced learning rather than classroom-style teaching or interactive sessions like Ascend – Centigraph’s community platform – then Catalyst Academy offers users microlearning opportunities through its searchable content guides. The concept of microlearning is rapidly gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in delivering concise but valuable information to learners without overwhelming them. With over 150 hours of training videos ranging from one hour to an hour and a half each, users can follow along at their own pace based on their schedule or preferences. Additionally, Cindy mentioned that while these videos do not qualify for CEUs (continuing education units), there are options available within Ascend or premium courses that can help users earn CEUs from learning about Catalyst or CaseView Net as well as writers. If you’re interested in joining Edge – Centigraph’s flagship plan – you’ll receive an email containing instructions on how to create your profile and password to access all resources on Catalyst Academy. However, if you don’t receive this email for any reason – don’t panic! You can generate another email by visiting the Stenograph webpage. In conclusion, training and upskilling are critical for professionals in the software industry, particularly those working in product management or marketing. According to a survey conducted by Centigraph, it is clear that customers requesting more value from their software providers want access to training content. Catalyst Academy provides a platform for users to consume bite-sized video content at their own pace while improving their skills and knowledge of Centigraph’s products.

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