Empowering the Trades: The Humphrey & Associates Story

March 5, 2024

This enlightening episode of Location Cubed, a Weaver: Beyond the Numbers podcast, examines the heart of the trades with Randy Humphrey, the executive vice president of Humphrey & Associates. Weaver hosts Howard Altshuler and Aaron Grisz discover how this family-oriented business thrives on employee ownership and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of skilled tradespeople.

Key Points:

  • Humphrey & Associates’ unique business model offers its team members a stake in the company with employee ownership through its ESOP program
  • Utilizing a proactive approach to recruit and train young tradespeople, Humphrey & Associates encourages the development of its people while addressing the industry’s workforce shortage
  • Humphrey & Associates’ commitment to family values and community involvement sets a benchmark for corporate culture



Humphrey & Associates stands out in the electrical and mechanical contracting industry for its services and remarkable company culture and structure. With 50% employee ownership through an ESOP program, the company has cultivated a family-like atmosphere that values each member’s contribution. This unique approach has resulted in an impressive average employee tenure of over eight years, highlighting the success of their model in creating a loyal and dedicated workforce.

“I think our biggest problem and biggest deterrent to growth and providing electrical and mechanical systems is not the material. It’s not the shortage of those things. It’s the shortage of individuals wanting to learn a trade,” Humphrey said. Later in the conversation, he speaks to the workforce shortage and what may incentivize people to consider the trades, saying, “The simple law of supply and demand is going to drive everything. The shortage of trades and the simple fact everything we have is powered by electricity. Everybody wants an electric car. Everybody wants to turn their computer on, charge your phone, do all these things. If they don’t have electricity or water in the building or a good plumbing system, it’s going to be an unhappy world.”

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