Engaging Today’s Youth in the Skilled Trades Industry

December 13, 2022
Gabrielle Bar

The skilled labor gap, particularly youth in the skilled trades industry, has affected a lot of trades in America. This downward trend only worsened when the COVID-19 pandemic forced many industries against the wall. It also created a domino effect that saw a major shortage and lower entry rates in a lot of trades jobs, per the US Chamber. In addition to that, skilled trades saw an increase in retirements and record workers quitting. While this issue may take years to fully resolve, the solution to this ongoing issue is today’s youth.

The often-repeated narrative is that today’s youth are not attracted to skilled trades. But the
problem in their minimal interest, or lack thereof, lies in the messaging. What can be
changed to interest more young people to seek out careers and professions in the skilled
trades industry? And how can companies play a role in engaging the youth in the skilled trades industry?

On the latest “Straight Outta Crumpton” episode, hosts Greg Crumpton and Tyler Kern
interviewed Nicole Bass, President of Service Professionals, about the state of the skilled
trades, her methods and work to engage the youth interest in trades, and what’s really
causing the low entry rates into the trade industry.

Bass comes from a background of tradespeople and knows very well what’s missing, is youth in the skilled trades industry. She is keen on remaining up to date on trends and what the youth are attracted to in terms of finding work, which can be prospective salary and the information that’s available online. Some research shows that younger workers just have different priorities from their predecessors, but not necessarily that they don’t have the drive to work.

“I don’t think it’s that people don’t want to work or that they’re not interested in the job. They
just don’t really know how to get started,” said Bass.

Kern, Crumpton, and Bass explored …

● The advertising woes and struggles of the skilled trades industry

● Bass’s youth approach through social media and websites

● Her ultimate goal to educate and attract more youth into becoming interested in
skilled trades

“What we want is to be able to educate people on each one of the trades and the earning
potential and then also provide them with an assessment so they can see what may be a
good fit based on their preferences, the things they like to do, and then help them find local
trades companies near them that are hiring … it takes participation from the local trades
companies and we got a whole plan for rolling that out, but I’m trying to get more exposure
from the educational aspect to the young people so that they can know their options,” added

Nicole Bass is the President of Service Professionals. Prior to that she was the Chief
Development Officer with the company. She focuses on ensuring trades companies have
the right tools to expand and grow. Bass is a graduate of Schiller International University.

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