Ensuring a Quality Business Environment

Creating and running a business takes a lot more than an idea and investment. Per Investopedia, one important facet to running a good business involves the type of staff a company has. When business ownership is properly searching and investing in quality workers, it will allow for a smooth-running business, and subsequently, have efficient employees. 

Business owners have to consider a lot of factors in considering business expansion, along with finding employees who believe in their mission and can meet their expectations. What do some owners do to ensure that goal? What concerns take precedence when it comes to trust-building?  

In the latest “STRAIGHT OUTTA CRUMPTON” episode, hosts Tyler Kern and Greg Crumpton talked to Korey Howell, the owner of Howell Heating and Cooling, about creating a successful business and the importance of establishing a functioning work environment. 

Howell studied business management in college and easily formed his own business after gaining work experience. After starting Howell Heating and Cooling, he explained that very early on work rapidly came in, which meant the need for more workers — a vital aspect in business growth. This helped Howell quickly realize what type of workplace he wanted and who he needed to hire. 

“I got to, over the years, build this company in my head that I’ve always wanted, which was that people-driven — people feel safe, get to get to come to a place of work where they feel challenged, where they’re respected … where they’re noticed for the positive things that they do,” said Howell. 

 Kern, Crumpton, and Howell also discussed 

  • Howell’s early experiences in the HVAC industry 
  • His motto to finding the best employees to do his job 
  • How owners can build trust with their staff by hiring high quality, and not being concerned with micromanaging 

“I don’t worry too much about that. I hired the right people and I hired for these reasons … I can let them run around with my company gas card and credit card and not have to look at my statement and be like, ‘Where was this done?’ They’re good quality people,” said Howell.  

 Korey Howell is a business owner and runs his namesake company, Howell Heating and Cooling, which he created in 2019. He studied business and engineering at MiraCosta College and San Diego City College, respectively. 


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