Featured Job: Production Coordinator – Bluewater


Today’s featured Job is from Bluewater Technologies.

Bluewater is the only woman-owned business of its kind, operating four industry-leading business units that support sensory storytelling through digital & physical canvases.

Bluewater is looking to hire a Production Coordinator in their Southfield, Michigan office.
This position is responsible for working with their Production Lead and Technical director to coordinate logistics on their production tours.

General responsibilities include:
Scheduling and managing travel for production crew (Flights, Hotel, Ground Transportation)
Scheduling meals and catering for tour crew production days
Assist in managing and updating production crew schedules
Assist in scheduling local labor for each show
Schedule venue heavy machinery (For lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and generators) for each show
Manage all paperwork for the crew, labor, rentals for each show site
Assist Account Director and Manager with paperwork for closing out each show
Manage any productions runners on show sites

Strong Organization Skills
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Ability to Multitask
Time management
Aptitude for personnel management

3 years of agency or production company experience
Experience as project manager, coordinator or production coordinator and must be able to discuss relevant experience
Bachelor’s Degree

Ability to travel

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