Get Vertical! with Mike McCalley and Ben Millar: Part 2

May 15, 2023
Mike McCalley

On the last episode of the 2-part episode, Get Vertical host, Mike McCalley brings back guest Ben Millar, to talk more about his AI content generation tool, Graibox. It is designed for marketing agencies to help them generate content based on keywords, format, and length. The tool uses AI for the heavy lifting to create briefs for writers to follow. Millar also shares some of the well-known problems with AI content generation such as made-up case studies, fake statistics, and promoting competitors. He suggests that adding personal experiences and proofreading can help improve quality and accuracy. Ben Millar explains how AI text generation works by predicting the next word based on the context of previously used words.

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As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives and business operations, the conversation around its ethical and legal implications grows louder. It’s clear that generative AI will continue to face legal battles; applications from oncology, to mental health services, to the classroom, are raising questions about AI’s ethics and the consequences of […]

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The AI industry is facing both headwinds and tailwinds, and this state of uncertainty is best represented in investment numbers. Recent data published by the Stanford University Institute of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence shows that while generative AI private investment is skyrocketing, overall global investment in AI solutions dipped for the second year in a row […]