How Can a Debt Collection Agency Recover Your Revenue With Efficiency?

February 16, 2023

IC System, a family-owned and nationally recognized debt collection agency with 85 years of experience, can effectively help you recover revenue and ease your accounts receivable burden. Whether you’re a first-time client or have previously worked with other agencies, we simplify the process of sending accounts to collections.

On today’s episode of Closing The Books, host Eric Johannes speaks with Nate Welbig, Director of Operations at IC System, about his journey to a career in collections and how IC System’s core values of Innovation, People, Integrity, Performance and Pride are demonstrated within the organization.

The two discuss

  1. General public impressions/misimpressions about debt collection
  2. How IC System uses innovation and its people to continually evolve and perform
  3. Why Tax season and maintaining good debtor relations are important

“From the operations standpoint . . . it is a little different today, different resources different tools, regulations have changed” said Nate Welbig. IC System continually innovates and trains its employees to stay current with, and take advantage of, these changes.

Nate Welbig, Director of Operations at IC System, graduated from the University of St Paul, Minnesota, United States. He has been with IC System for 14 years now. He is always driving innovation of debt collection infrastructure and supporting employees to ensure the company performs at a consistently high level.

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