How the COVID Crisis Cracked Open Healthcare Supply Chain Flaws and What to Do About It


The COVID-19 pandemic made it clear how important establishing a solid healthcare supply chain is to maintaining health and safety. Recently, healthcare leaders pointed out in a congressional hearing that the U.S. healthcare system’s got some major issues, like running out of essential supplies, messing up the distribution of protective gear, and depending way too much on equipment made overseas. And it’s not just messing up our response to the pandemic, but also making the entire  healthcare system less effective.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Experts reckon that things can change if the government steps up its game in managing supplies and reduces our reliance on foreign goods. Plus, moving to a payment system that values quality of care over quantity could help hospitals deal with money troubles and supply shortages. Groups like TPC are already stepping in by managing supplies and working with hospitals and suppliers. It’s a good example of the importance of finding smarter, collaborative solutions to beef up the healthcare supply chain.

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