HR Departments Get Virtual Support from ChatGPT

ChatGPT arrived on the scene in 2022 and marked a seismic shift in AI’s role in the business landscape. Some equate ChatGPT’s sudden rise to that of a new phase of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with technology advancements poised to change how humans work forever.
Tech giants are making heavy wagers in ChatGPT, with Microsoft recently announcing a $10 billion investment over the next several years in OpenAI, the research lab behind ChatGPT and DALL-E.
One business area showing itself as an early adopter of ChatGPT is HR. From recruiting and compensation to employee wellness and safety, ChatGPT reduces time creating job descriptions and revising company policies.
AI-driven technology is still in its infancy, and there are genuine concerns about ChatGPTs misuse, from plagiarism, bias, mistakes, and crafting sophisticated phishing scams. There’s a need for some caution with ChatGPT, but that shouldn’t mean avoidance.
ChatGPT is a powerful tool and, used properly, can provide HR departments with much-needed assistance. Is now the time to investigate ChatGPT-driven solutions? Demetrio Rico, COO of Stafi, a virtual assistant company, believes the benefits outweigh the concerns.


Demetrio’s Thoughts

How is staffing your remote teams and other firms using ChatGPT right now?

“We are finally at the cusp of AI being available in a meaningful way. This will be the Google search killer. As a virtual staffing company, we have been using ChatGPT to co-create blogs and write e-books.
Our virtual staff uses it to help their clients’ work with spreadsheets and summarize meetings. But the most practical use that anyone can benefit from today is simple search. This is the dawn of commercial-free searches.”
And how will this free your staff and their clients, the manual work and or enable new results across industries?
“Good question. In some cases, this is freeing up to 20% of their time. That’s really meaningful. It’s a day’s work for a week. It will eliminate routine tasks, allowing us humans to focus on more complex and creative work. Our virtual assistants now have an additional data source that, in many ways, is more democratic.”
And what are your predictions for AI and ChatGPT?
“I asked this question to ChatGPT. I always like to do that. It explains how it sees itself integrating and empowering everything from medical diagnosis to robotics. We can look forward to a world with more honest information at our fingertips, and those with imagination will benefit the most from this tech.”
Is there anything leaders should be mindful of?
“As with any tech, we need to embrace it with caution. I think this is an early stage. It’s not time to put restrictions, and we’re just beginning to explore this technology.”
What advice do you want to impart or add to this discussion?
“I’d say don’t be scared. Your job is secure. It’s part of our natural revolution to continue and push the boundaries.”

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