Justen Martin On What Separates Your Digital Marketing Agency From Other Agencies

June 2, 2023
Sonia Gossai

How can you set your digital marketing agency apart from others? Justen Martin, Partner for Learn Do Teach emphasizes the core values of mastery, accountability, trust, commitment, and honesty on this episode of the CoachYu Show. He believes these values allow his company to align with people who share similar values. The company’s approach is to match relationships based on values and overall vision, ensuring that relationships are easy, lucrative, and fun.

Justen highlights the importance of avoiding half relationships, which he describes as hard, annoying, and frustrating. He believes that if a person’s vision is rooted in a design plan, they can implement this plan together, either through done-for-you or done-with-you services. Once the plan is implemented, it will be in momentum.

Justen sees momentum as motivation and encouragement to continue meaningful relationships. He believes that what separates his company from others is its commitment to living out its values and aligning with a vision, allowing relationships to thrive. 

These points, Justen said can help you separate your digital marketing agency from others and help you stand out from the crowd.

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