Karateka – Bringing Web3 Entertainment to Combat Sports with Karate Combat

May 9, 2023
Cara Schildmeyer

Over 60 million people in the U.S. play fantasy sports—that’s one in almost five people. Game developers need to keep rolling out new and exciting opportunities to keep these gamers engaged.

How is one company, GameOn, leveraging Web 3.0 to do just that?

On today’s episode of Gossip About Gossip by Hedera, podcast Host and SVP of Communications at Swirlds Labs, Zenobia Godschalk, speaks with Matt Bailey, CEO of GameOn, about what GameOn is and how they are leveling up the sports and fantasy gaming experience on Web 3.0 through their Karateka launch.

Godschalk and Bailey also discuss…

  1. The journey GameOn has taken to get to where they are now
  2. How GameOn is leveraging blockchain technology for the fantasy sports industry
  3. GameOn’s cross-chain compatibility and partnership with Hedera

Bailey covered the Web 3.0 benefits. “Let’s use the karate combat partnership that we have as an example… We’re going to be selling playable digital fighters. So, every fighter in the karate combat league, you’re going to be able to buy them. They’ll be limited at 200 per fighter but it will look and feel like the actual fighter that’s fighting in the live events. With that playable digital fighter, notice we’re not calling it an NFT. Of course, it is an NFT, but it’s a playable digital fighter. You can gear it up, so you can buy gear like weapons and shorts and other different items that can not only change the look of your playable digital fighter, but can also give it an advantage in games,” he stated.

Matt Bailey is CEO of GameOn and Founder & Board Director of Brooklyn Kings Rugby League. He is an entrepreneur breaking into the future of Web 3.0 games. He has served as an Adjunct Professor for Clark University, Senior Director, Brand Partnerships, for LiveStyle, Inc., and Director, Global Partnerships for Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, amongst other roles. Bailey attended the University of Technology Sydney, where he earned a Bachelor of Management in Sport & Exercise.

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