Mastering your Personal Brand Image with Magdy Kotb

February 19, 2023
Sonia Gossai

Magdy Kotb, Founder of Clothing Coach on this episode of CoachYu Show highlights the impact of a strong personal brand image, using Steve Jobs as an example. A memorable brand image can lead to more opportunities and invitations, as it can engage others and create curiosity.

He suggests that a strong personal brand image can lead to bigger opportunities, increased earning potential, and better relationships.

Magdy also discusses the importance of wardrobe choices, particularly the choice of fabrics. He advises against investing in synthetic fabrics like polyester, advocating instead for natural fibers due to their breathability, sustainability, and longevity. Understanding the performance and lifespan of a garment, and calculating its price per wear, can turn shopping for clothes into an investment.

He concludes by stating that professional image is an extension of oneself, and having a strong, confident presentation can boost posture, invite more opportunities, and make one more appealing to be around.

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