Preparing Students for Life, Not Just College with Stephanie Malia Krauss

May 30, 2023

In an era where students are grappling with uncertainties and challenges presented by the pandemic, the question arises: how do we prepare students for life, not just college? The stakes are high and the need for reimagining education is urgent. Now more than ever, the discussion must shift towards a comprehensive approach that caters not just to academic growth but overall wellbeing.

The core question being answered here is: how can educators equip students with the tools they need to not just survive but thrive in life? What does holistic student development look like?

In this week’s episode of Change Starts Here, host Dustin Odham invites Stephanie Malia Krauss, a strategist, author, and speaker who passionately delves into this essential topic. The conversation dives into the three parts of Stephanie’s new book, Whole Child, Whole Life: 10 Ways to Help Kids Live, Learn, and Thrive.

Key topics discussed in the episode:

  1. A deep dive into understanding the child’s brain, body, age, and stage.
  2. An exploration of the ten whole life practices, ranging from meeting basic needs to acting with a hundred-year mindset.
  3. A discussion on what it looks like for a child to be safe, supported, learning and growing, living with joy and purpose, rooted and connected, and healthy.

Stephanie Malia Krauss is a seasoned strategist, author, and speaker. She has spent her career working from the schoolhouse to the White House, with an impressive background in education and youth development, higher education, and workforce development.

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