Reducing the Gap in Skilled Trades Can Be Solved by Boosting Trade Education Initiatives


Currently, skilled trades are facing significant shortages making the need for innovative solutions and passionate involvement more urgent than before. Statistics indicate a looming gap in the workforce, expected to reach millions in the next decade, as older generations retire without sufficient newcomers to fill their roles. At the heart of this issue is not just the necessity for workers, but the need for a new approach to education and recruitment in these essential sectors.

What can be done to bridge this gap and invigorate interest in the trades among the younger generations? 

On the latest episode of “Straight Outta Crumpton,” host Greg Crumpton welcomed Lance Furuyama, founder of, to discuss the changing landscape of trade education and recruitment. In this engaging episode, they explore how digital tools and community efforts can be harnessed to attract and retain talent in the trades.

Crumppton’s and Furuyama’s conversation discussed:

  • How digital platforms can transform trade education.
  • The importance of building partnerships within the trade community to enhance recruitment.
  • Furuyama’s initiatives for funding and supporting trade education through creative means.

Lance Furuyama has a background in e-waste recycling and data center decommissioning, fields intertwined with various mechanical and electrical trades. His passion is focused on involvement in trade education and leveraging his marketing and fundraising skills to support and promote the trades.

Article by Alexandra Simon.

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