Space Exploration DisruptEd: Space Travel as Never Imagined Before

March 20, 2024
Ron Stefanski


Gone are the days when space travel was confined to the realm of astronauts and the exceedingly wealthy. With the unveiling of Spaceship Neptune by Space Perspective, the dream of exploring the vastness of space is becoming a reality for a broader audience. This bold step forward reflects a seismic shift in how we perceive our place in the universe and underscores the growing trend towards making space more accessible.

At a time when technological advancements are reshaping our world, how will the democratization of space travel change the way we view our planet and ourselves?

DisruptED,” hosted by Ron Stefanski, welcomes Jane Poynter, the Founder and co-CEO at Space Perspective in its latest episode to explore this new frontier of exploration. The conversation delves into the creation of Spaceship Neptune, a vessel designed to carry passengers to the edge of space, and the vision behind Space Perspective’s mission to open up the cosmos to more people. The two discuss:

  • The technical and philosophical milestones behind Spaceship Neptune, which promises to make space travel a more common part of human experience.
  • Jane Poynter’s journey from her early work on Biosphere 2 to founding Space Perspective, emphasizing her dedication to expanding the boundaries of human potential.
  • The scientific contributions and educational opportunities that accessible space travel can offer, particularly in enhancing our understanding of Earth’s climate and ecosystems.

With a storied career in space exploration and engineering, Jane Poynter’s contributions to the field are unparalleled. From her integral role in the Biosphere 2 project to founding Space Perspective with her husband Tabor MacCallum, Poynter’s work is a testament to the power of visionary thinking and perseverance. Her latest endeavor seeks not just to revolutionize space travel but to transform our relationship with the cosmos

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