Stenograph Announces CaseTestify 3.0 With New Productivity Features That Deliver Greater Optimization for Remote Depositions

Stenograph®, LLC, the leader in legal transcription technology, announces CaseTestify® 3.0, a significant update to CaseTestify, an all-in-one solution for remote testimony. New features in CaseTestify are designed to expand the functionality and provide general optimization and cost savings.

Today, most legal proceedings are conducted in a hybrid or completely remote manner, making the need for seamless, user-friendly technology greater than it has ever been. CaseTestify, created to mirror the in-person deposition workflow, offers a comprehensive collection of features to provide users with the optimal remote experience. Integrated exhibit management, powerful cloud storage of deposition assets, ViewScript powered by Phoenix for real-time in-testimony review, and integration with Stenograph’s MAXScribe™ and CaseViewNet® make CaseTestify more than just a remote testimony platform.

“Our CaseTestify 3.0 release was based on extensive customer feedback meeting the need to capture both the witness as well as the live exhibit in a side-by-side deliverable; this ensures the witness video does not obscure the exhibits, differentiating it from other solutions in the market. Additionally, we focused on improving exhibit preparation while building out an exhibit review function. These customer-backed innovations are designed to improve the experience for both the attorney and the court reporting agency,” said Steve Sinsky, Senior Product Manager of CaseTestify.

New features found in CaseTestify Version 3.0 provide more flexibility to users managing exhibits before and after the proceeding, allowing them to perform exhibit functions independent of the video conferencing platform. It also gives users more options during video conferencing, including allowing them to simplify the viewing experience and create a recording showing a specific attendee side-by-side with the exhibit to easily view reactions. The most exciting addition is a new bookmarking feature within CaseTestify’s exclusive ViewScript in-testimony review tool.

“ViewScript, powered by Stenograph’s cutting-edge custom-built speech recognition technology, Phoenix, redefines the way users engage with depositions, offering participants a seamless experience through text that is synced with audio for in-testimony review and synchronized post-deposition analysis,” said Frank Palombo, Senior Account Executive at Stenograph. “In CaseTestify 3.0, individual segments of the ViewScript text and audio can now be bookmarked during the deposition, and then easily accessed post-deposition. This technological innovation provides clients with unparalleled and convenient access to synced audio and text immediately following the deposition, setting CaseTestify apart from other general-purpose remote conferencing solutions.”

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Stenograph, LLC is the market leader in providing technology solutions for the legal transcription industry. For 85 years, we have built our reputation by leading the industry in technical innovation, quality, and exceptional service.

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