Stenograph Introduces CATalyst Check It Powered by Phoenix, a Productivity Tool for Stenographers


Stenograph, LLC is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation designed for stenographers and scopists, CATalyst Check It. This groundbreaking product serves as the ultimate assistant by providing an additional pair of eyes when editing transcripts by leveraging Phoenix, Stenograph’s custom-built automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine for the legal industry. Check It analyzes the entire transcript and highlights areas of concern and provides suggested edits, making it the perfect editing companion for the reporter or the scopist. Check It empowers reporters and scopists to edit transcripts more quickly, easily, and accurately.

“We understand stenographers and scopists are always looking for ways to improve productivity, and Stenograph is committed to providing them with the best tools to do so. After months of development and beta testing, we are so excited to introduce Check It,” said Mansi Soni, Sr. Product Manager, Stenographer Software. “This application is Stenograph’s newest feature for CATalyst users. With Check It, our stenographers have another tool in their toolbox to produce the most accurate transcript in the least amount of time. While you edit, you can save keystrokes by simply accepting the Check It suggestions with one key and moving on to the next. I really believe that our customers will love using this new feature as much as our beta testers have.”

“Stenograph wants to bring cutting-edge technology to stenographers so they can be more efficient, take more jobs, and work smarter,” said Dan Denofsky, Vice President of Marketing for Stenograph. “With Check It, court reporters and scopists can edit transcripts more quickly, take more jobs, and save an average of 45 minutes of editing time per job, allowing reporters to take up to two additional jobs and earn at least an additional $1,000 per month. With products like Check It, we can grow the stenography market together. It will become the next innovation from Stenograph that turns into a ‘must-have’ for stenographers as they meet ever-increasing market demands.” 

CATalyst Check It powered by Phoenix will be an add-on product available to CATalyst users with an active Edge support agreement. With Check It, stenographers and scopists can now streamline their editing process and work more efficiently, all while ensuring the highest levels of accuracy. Customers looking to purchase Check It should contact

About Stenograph, LLC

Stenograph is a market leader in providing technology solutions for the legal transcription industry. For nearly 85 years, we have built our reputation by leading the industry in technical innovation, quality, and exceptional service. For questions about Stenograph, contact Dan Denofsky, Vice President of Marketing at Stenograph, at

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