Stenograph’s MAXScribe™ to Become the Primary Software for Key College Digital Reporting Program

Stenograph®, LLC announces a partnership with Key College to further its support of court reporter education. Key College has named Stenograph’s digital court reporting software, MAXScribe, the primary software of its Digital Court Reporting Certificate Program. To help prepare students for AAERT Certifications such as CER, CET, and CDR, Key College will also be leveraging material from Stenograph’s Digital Reporting Academy within its curriculum.

“The goal of Key College’s new Digital Court Reporting Certificate Program is to prepare the student to become a complete reporter who meets all judicial requirements. By leveraging Stenograph’s MAXScribe software, we know we are arming our students with the most comprehensive and efficient tools in the market that will enable them to be successful in school and beyond,” said Ronald Dooley, President of Key College.

“We are excited to partner with Key College due to the quality of their programs and graduates. Students at Key College will develop mastery of court reporting skills using the most powerful end-to-end technologies available today,” says Sunny Hann, Sr. eLearning Architect, Stenograph.

Stenograph feels strongly that there should be an educated, certified court reporter in every deposition or courtroom, remote or in-person. As part of Stenograph’s commitment to education and the growth in the number of students and certified reporters entering the field of court reporting, we are licensing training materials to partner schools, like Key College, through the Stenograph Education Network.

For more information on Stenograph’s Education Network, please contact Stenograph Enterprise sales at For more information on Key College, please contact Ronald Dooley at

About Stenograph:

Stenograph is a market leader in providing technology solutions for the legal transcription industry. For more than 80 years, we have built our reputation by leading the industry in technical innovation, quality, and exceptional service.

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