The Importance of Building Strong HVAC Industry Relationships

December 6, 2022
Greg Crumpton

Building relationships is one of Greg Crumpton’s favorite topics. A close second is air
conditioning. Crumpton is always fascinated by the various people who make the
HVAC industry hum, which is why on Straight Outta Crumpton, he always finds the most
interesting folks in the business to talk some shop. And this week was no exception because Kim Reynolds dropped by to share her story. Reynolds is the VP of Sales for Carrier
Enterprise in the Southeast Region. CE (Carrier Enterprise) is a one-stop location for
the best equipment brands, aftermarket parts and supplies, and HVAC expertise in the
industry. And as Reynolds told Crumpton, the key to any great salesperson is building
solid HVAC industry relationships.

A significant portion of Reynolds’ career was in the natural and propane gas utilities
industry. So, how did she find herself mixed up in HVAC?

“There’s a lot of crossover in the utilities and the HVAC world,” Reynolds said. “So, I
had an opportunity to move to Ashville (North Carolina), made some connections with
some folks in the HVAC world, and there was an opportunity to join CE Southeast a
couple of years ago. That’s why I’m here.”

Crumpton and Reynolds discuss…

The hot HVAC topics Reynolds discusses with customers and dealers

The elements that build strong relationships between customers, dealers, and
other suppliers

The critical importance of value and trust in cementing longstanding
HVAC industry relationships

“I think that most folks I have interacted with throughout my career really enjoy that
interaction, and getting to know someone, and then developing that bond or friendship,”
Reynolds said. “For some folks, it’s just all business, but I do think that’s more in the
minority than versus the other.”

Kim Reynolds holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Barton
College. She is an experienced residential, commercial, and industrial sales consultant
with a demonstrated history of working in the natural gas and propane industry with
organizations such as PSNC Energy and Blossman Gas. Now, as part of North
America’s largest HVAC Distribution network, Reynolds applies her skills to Carrier
Enterprise. Reynolds likes to spend time on the golf course or with her four rescue dogs
when not at work.

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