The Leadership Lessons to Learn from the World of Ballroom Dancing


The way relationships maintain in the world of ballroom dancing is a unique aspect in its own. Professional ballroom dancer Kristie Simmonds discusses with Straight Outta Crumpton hosts Greg Crumpton and Tyler Kern.

From Sydney, Australia, Simmonds entered into her professional career at 18 where she moved to Europe to train and compete. “I was very lucky to travel around and to come to the states, where it was my first time living in America. That was my first-time dancing full time, competing, teaching practicing, and traveling, it was basically my life at that point,” she said.

In Simmonds world, which she calls “the ballroom bubble, it’s a very out-there sport to do, it’s not like playing soccer or football,” she said.

With a community as tightknit as ballroom dancing, Simmonds is highly recognized in the dance community for her work.

“I would say for the true professionals who dedicate their life, it’s your career, it’s what you do, what you know, there is a mutual respect and admiration we know how hard it is, what it’s like,” Simmonds said. “The playing field in that aspect is equal, so you have this unspoken understanding, and after you retire, it’s like being an old friend, we’re all in the same boat.”

Much of those relationships also translate into her business. “When we opened the studio, we had three owners and within the first year of having the business opened things came to light, but my instructor stood by me, and that rapport and relationship and understanding will last because I have so much respect because they have stood by me.”

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