Tips and Strategies for Digital Marketing New Hires Looking to Break into the Industry

June 14, 2023
James Kent


There’s a good news/bad news scenario for digital marketing new hires. The global market for digital marketers is trending toward US $1.5 trillion by 2030. After all, this continued growth generates an unprecedented surge in digital marketing careers creates a lot of competition. The stakes are higher than ever for new entrants to stand out. As more businesses turn to digital channels for growth, understanding how to navigate and succeed in this fast-paced industry becomes a hot-button issue.

So, how can a digital marketing new hire make their mark? What skills and qualities are needed to survive and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape?

Seasoned marketing experts Jacob Hastings, Director of Analytics at BlitzMetrics, and Dennis Yu, the Founder of The Content Factory at BlitzMetrics, guide people through the nuances of staking one’s claim in the digital marketing industry. They discuss various topics and strategies to help new digital marketing hires feel confident in their approach to landing that first position.

Hastings and Yu hit on several areas, including:

  • Understanding the complexities and demands of different roles in a digital agency
  • The significance of teamwork and effective communication in a remote working environment
  • The most common mistakes made by job applicants and how to avoid them

Jacob Hastings brings his extensive experience as the Director of Analytics at BlitzMetrics, a leader in the digital marketing industry. Known for his strategic thinking and data-driven decisions, Hastings has built a strong reputation for delivering high-impact marketing solutions.

Dennis Yu, the founder of the Content Factory, is a celebrated figure in digital marketing. With years of experience leading marketing campaigns for global brands, Yu’s innovative thinking and leadership qualities have made him a thought leader in the industry. Together, they provide an in-depth look at the digital marketing industry, offering advice, insights, and tips for those looking to join this booming field.

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