Unveiling the Future of Internet Marketing: Authenticity, Trust and Training are Key

June 2, 2023
Sonia Gossai

This episode of the CoachYu show features host Dennis Yu and Beau Haralson,Co-Founder of ScaleThat discussing the future of Internet marketing. Beau shares his experiences of running an internal agency within Yahoo, servicing different groups like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, and others. He highlights the challenges of managing multiple independent operating systems and the need for effective reporting.

Dennis Yu discusses the importance of being a strategist without bias and the need for measurement in marketing. He emphasizes the importance of understanding every tool in the marketing toolbox, not just focusing on one solution.

Both Haralson and Yu share their insights on the future of Internet marketing, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and trust in an era of AI and automation. They suggest that the key to success is to do things that algorithms can’t, such as building authentic relationships and creating unique experiences.

Towards the end, they discuss the importance of training and documentation in scaling operations. They share their experiences of training engineers and the need to document processes to ensure consistency and quality. They also highlight the importance of momentum in any new endeavor.

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