Why Credentialing Platforms Have to Fill the Void in Job Skills that Universities Are Creating

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Numbers are up across the board for employer-based credential programs as companies develop a robust parallel higher education infrastructure. Research out of credentialing platform Credly found that the number of organizations building their own curriculum and issuing credentials is up 83% since the start of COVID in 2020. Big players like Google, IBM, and HubSpot have jumped on this trend to offer their own complete credentialing programs and partner with hiring networks. What is the business case today for companies to invest in their own education infrastructure? How are these investments being shaped by other financial, marketing, or social pressures?
Stay tuned for a full interview with Brandon Busteed, Chief Partnership Officer with Kaplan, as he explores the symbiotic relationship developing between employers and higher education institutions, and why more universities are seeing value in offering employee credentials as part of a four-year degree.

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