The Future of Industrial Automation Gets a Pioneering Approach from Boulter Industrial Contractors


As automation rapidly takes hold across numerous sectors, many ponder its future trajectory and potential impacts. Questions about the intersection of technology, labor, and efficiency in the industrial sector remain. What does the future of industrial automation look like?

Some significant trends in industrial automation today include AI, asset management, industrial IoT, and cybersecurity. And robotics intersects with all these hot-button issues. How are automation companies innovating and adapting to technology shifts to provide the needs of Industry 4.0? What are the career opportunities for new entrees into the workforce?

In the latest episode of Advanced Automation, host Josh Gravelle spoke with Ryan Reynolds, Project Manager at Boulter Industrial Contractors, to learn more about how Boulter is pioneering a new frontier for the future of industrial automation.

In this episode, Gravelle and Reynolds’ conversation revolves around three main themes:

  • How Boulter Industrial Contractors has evolved from a horse and carriage hauling ice company to a leader in industrial automation
  • The role of technology in facilitating Boulter’s work processes and improving customer engagement
  • How automation is creating new job categories even as it displaces others, with a particular focus on the dynamics between older and younger generations in the workforce

Ryan Reynolds has a diverse background that includes degrees in fisheries and aquaculture from Finger Lakes College and Cobleskill. His early career includes stints in semiconductor work, delivery services, and heavy machinery handling. Now serving as a Project Manager at Boulter Industrial Contractors, Reynolds is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of automation in the industrial space.

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