CurveBeam Connect: Innovative Technologies are Changing the Economic Landscape of the Healthcare System – Part 3 of 3

April 27, 2022
Vinti Singh


In this final episode featuring Dr. Cuellar, Co-founder and Chief Biomedical Engineer for Efferent Health who is also an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement surgery spoke to Vinti Singh, Director of Marketing at Curvebeam about cybersecurity requirements and much more.

The conversation opened with a look into how Efferent Health builds layers of security with its partners to protect its clients. However, Dr. Cuellar first acknowledges associated with effective cybersecurity measures.

“I think it would be irresponsible to say, you know, nobody can break into our system because there is now a population of billions of people. There’s a lot of smart ones and we can see by what’s happened here in the US and elsewhere that hackers can hack into anything,” said Dr. Cuellar.

To combat this, Efferent Health works with 3rd party middleware developers such as Citrix to establish secure VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). Then they start layering middleware technologies to address the multiple vulnerabilities that give hackers the opportunity to compromise systems and gain access to valuable data. The challenges associated with creating these robust security protocols make it very difficult for an average institution to manage and afford.

Dr. Cuellar went on to speak to the importance of effective security measures noting that technology issues take up a significant portion of his time. He spoke to the rarity of going through a day without challenges such as log-on issues.

“I consider current systems to be so obstructive and that’s really the massive pain point. It’s every single day I spend less time, much less time with my patients and more time trying to make a document correct” for example said, Dr. Cuellar.

Dr. Cuellar and his colleagues at Efferent Health work with multiple partners to address these concerns and develop IT solutions to increase productivity while reducing costs within the healthcare system.

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