Text the Owner Customer Review

February 14, 2023

Kevin Martin, owner-operator of McDonald’s, shares his remarkable experience with DTiQ’s Text the Owner program. Kevin shares how this innovative customer service solution has revolutionized the way he handles customer complaints and interactions. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Kevin highlights Text the Owner as the most impactful program he has implemented in his restaurants.

Through prompt notifications, Kevin’s customers are aware that their feedback is valued and directly reaches the owner’s mobile phone. This proactive approach has resulted in a significant reduction in complaints related to rude or indifferent service, fostering a culture of accountability and exceptional customer experiences.

Kevin explains how the convenience and ease of Text the Owner allow him to promptly address customer concerns before they leave the restaurant. With recorded and categorized interactions, Kevin gains valuable insights into customer history, enabling personalized and efficient resolution. The auto-reply feature reassures customers that their message has been received, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

As Kevin reflects on his experience, he emphasizes the invaluable nature of having all customer interactions recorded and organized in one accessible platform. The ability to respond quickly and effectively has not only boosted customer satisfaction but also contributed to a decline in compliance-related issues with the traditional 800 number.

Kevin shares how this program can revolutionize your customer service approach, enhance resolution times, and create a positive and engaging experience for both customers and restaurant owners.

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