3 Keys To Creating A Learning Culture For Teachers

On this episode of an Istation podcast, Host Courtney Echerd talked with Christy Spivey, VP of Customer Success at Istation, which has become one of the nation’s leading providers of richly animated, game-like educational technology. Istation’s innovative reading, math, and Spanish programs immerse students in an engaging and interactive environment and inspire them to learn. The duo talked about creating a learning environment for teachers.

While creating a learning environment is essential for students, it’s also necessary for teachers. It is often an arduous task, with teachers being so busy and on a small budget. Over the past year, they’ve had to adapt and learn on their feet as they switched to online learning. So how do schools create time and space for teacher learning?

“It’s something I’ve been curious about for many years and throughout my career,” Spivey said. “Even as a classroom teacher, and then moving into EdTech, I wondered ‘how do we help teachers? How do we support them? How do we make sure teachers have everything they need because, in turn, students are going to have everything they need?’”

Spivey elaborated that when you dig into teacher learning, the most crucial aspect is time. One of the most challenging questions to answer is making time for teacher learning, including continuous learning. The question must be considered of how often it will take place, such as weekly, monthly, or how it will be embedded into their day.

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