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Kevin Dougherty

Chief Strategy Officer 806 Technologies, Inc.

As California Phases Out SATs, What Should Schools Test Next?


The standardized testing purge continues, with school districts and universities in California, Colorado, Texas, and more, distancing themselves further from the weight of standardized testing metrics during the K-12 pipeline as well as during the college admissions process. The University of California system, for example, has put a definite end to SAT or ACT scores for admissions decisions. What, then, should schools and colleges do to maintain efficacy in the educational journey and admissions process, while rethinking how these tests should reflect student growth and aptitude?

Kevin Dougherty, Senior Director of Sales, zSpace, a company pioneering full virtual reality learning experiences, gave his breakdown of whether schools should use this opportunity to improve their tests, or get students better equipped to handle the current set of tests, even though they face heavy critique.

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