Kevin Dougherty

Chief Strategy Officer 806 Technologies, Inc.

Kevin Dougherty is the Chief Strategy Officer for 806 Technologies. He has spent the past 39 years as an educator and serving educators. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, Kevin earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Multicultural Education. He later earned a Master of Education Degree in Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts/Lowell. Kevin was a classroom teacher for ten years in the Dallas, Boston, and Houston areas. He then served as an assistant principal/principal of Title I/Bilingual campuses in Fort Bend ISD and Irving ISD. For the past 22 years, Kevin has been serving educators throughout Texas and the nation in various roles supporting sales/marketing, professional learning, and overall company strategy. He has been married to his wife, Michelle, for 33 years. They have two grown children who both live in the DFW area.

Bachelor of Arts - Multicultural Education 1979-1983
Master of Education (MEd) - Education Administration 1986-1990
staff-develope Staff Development
image-9 Leadership
education-leadership Educational Leadership
image-20 Curriculum Development
education-consultant Educational Consulting
instructional-design Instructional Design

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