On this episode of MarketScale’s EdTech podcast, host JW Marshall was joined by MakerBot Vice President of Education Dottie Stewart at TCEA 2020.
As the leading 3D printer in the in the K-12 ecosystem, MakerBot is peeling back the curtain on the real world applications of the new technology for students to discover.
Stewart discusses how people are aware of the technology, but still experience a disconnect between the theoretical capabilities and real-world applications. She stressed the importance of teaching kids that 3D printing is being used in every facet of the real world, from manufacturing individual components at scale to entrepreneurs creating a completely new protoype.
It is becoming increasingly important that we start exposing children to 3D modeling and design starting as young as kindergarten so they are equipped with the problem-solving skills necessary to think of a need the printer could satisfy and develop the ability to design it.
MakerBot doesn’t want to just put the technology in the classroom — they want to take the experience to the next level and assist teachers with integrating the technology into their lesson plan.
This cohesive approach will take away the “gimmick effect” of the technology and allow students to fully embrace their imaginations about how they can develop their design and modeling skills.

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