In this episode of The eLearning Alchemist: Quicksilver, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and host Clint Clarkson speak with Megan Underwood, who is a learning designer at Practera.

Underwood shares about the seven steps of experiential learning and explains the value of using Practera’s tools to enhance learning and development, especially in business settings.

Among the seven steps Underwood describes, one was especially surprising. Rather than content being kind, Underwood says “context is king.” She explains that learning is effective when people are able to apply what they have been taught, and context empowers this. Other steps include “As Many Loops as Possible” (AMLAP), feedback as key, backwards design, and more.

Highlighting additional values of experiential learning, Underwood point out that “real work is a learning opportunity.” Rather than pulling employees away from their work and spending time and money to move them into seminars or conferences for course or classroom-based learning, Practera aims to integrate learning into the work itself. This is both more effective for learning and more efficient for companies.

Tune in to hear more of Underwood’s insights, including how Practera removes educational barriers and offers data and metrics.

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