Interested in Ed Tech? Can’t afford to live in Silicon Valley? (And who can?) Well, there are plenty of fantastic places out there if you’re an Ed Tech startup looking for an affordable home.

As with most things, Los Angeles and New York, NY continue to be the centers of the universe in Ed Tech. Seattle is also an obvious place with Microsoft and Amazon being headquartered there. However, places like Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA are well on the rise and places Ed Tech entrepreneurs ought to consider—as many in fact have. Baltimore, MD and Chattanooga, TN may be off most people’s radars, but these two are more than mere blips. Chattanooga is inexpensive, has an innovation district, and America’s fastest internet; and Baltimore has the Towson University Incubator which alone has 20 Ed Tech members.

And then there’s China. According to Goldman Sachs, global investments in Chinese Ed Tech reached $1.2 billion in 2016. With a predicted 20% annual growth in the sector, China is going to be the place to be for Ed Tech. With 600 million students in Asia, thinking about how to provide them with the latest Ed Tech, especially as Asia rises as the new global economics center, is absolutely necessary.