How Can Employee Training Take Advantage of Online Tutoring Services?

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There is good reason that Myles Hunter,  Co-founder and CEO of TutorMe, was accepted into the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invitation-only community for the world’s most successful entrepreneurs 45 and younger, this year. His online tutoring solution has not only accelerated during the pandemic but has the potential to further transform higher education. In this episode of EdTechToday, Myles breaks down the model and details how online tutoring can bring benefits for both students and institutions.

“As schools have begun transitioning students back to classrooms, they are continuing to integrate services like TutorMe into their ongoing student support services” -Myles Hunter

Myles was selected to join YEC based on his accomplishments as an entrepreneur and proven industry leadership. “I am honored to be selected to join the Young Entrepreneur Council,” shared Hunter. “I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and inspiring other young leaders to start their entrepreneurial journey.”

Scott Gerber, founder of YEC, says, “We are honored to welcome Myles to YEC. Our philosophy is that by curating the very best entrepreneurial minds around and providing them with a space to build meaningful relationships and access more opportunity, our members can further their success and the success of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

The company last month announced an integration with Clever, the most widely used single sign-on (SSO) portal in K-12 schools nationwide. COVID-19 introduced K-12 parents and children to the benefits of online tutoring. Likewise, teachers and administrators saw how helpful access to 24/7 online tutoring was when a student needed immediate help.

“As schools have begun transitioning students back to classrooms, they are continuing to integrate services like TutorMe into their ongoing student support services,” said TutorMe Co-founder and CEO Myles Hunter.

Through this integration, district and charter schools that use Clever, and that partner with TutorMe to provide their K-12 students with on-demand access to TutorMe’s 24/7 online tutoring platform, can do so with single sign-on into their online platforms.

“Our integration with Clever is part of TutorMe’s overarching commitment to make learning as convenient and effective as possible,” continued Hunter.

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