On this episode of MarketScale’s EdTech podcast, host JW Marshall was joined by Edthena Founder and CEO Adam Geller.

Edthena provides educators with a way to share video recordings of themselves in the classroom with coaches or groups to get instant feedback, timestamped comments, and more.

Marshall and Geller dove further into the topic of video and how it can best be utilized in the educational space.

“When you turn (the traditional observation model) around and you give teachers the opportunity and agency to record themselves, then, suddenly, they can participate with you in the process of the observation,” Geller said. “The observation stops being a process and stops being about me trying to convince you of what I saw when I was in your classroom.

“Instead, we can spend our time talking about what we see together.”

This new way of observing teachers eliminates the feeling of being judged during traditional observation methods and provides a way to undergo evaluation and observation more often than with in-person methods.

Edthena’s solution is also aimed at groups of teachers, peer-to-peer collaboration and evaluation, and more.