How Fewer SROs and Police Officers Impact K-12 Security Strategies

June 26, 2023
Mike Matranga

In this episode, Mike Matranga discusses the current shortages of SROs faced by law enforcement agencies and schools in the United States. The conversation revolves around the proposed HB 13 legislation in Texas, responsible gun ownership, and the defunding of law enforcement. Mike Monsive, CEO of ASAP Security, provides valuable insights into the implications of these issues on K-12 security strategies.

Main points of conversation:

  • The financial constraints faced by law enforcement agencies and the impact on their ability to ensure public safety.
  • The narrative surrounding law enforcement officers and the need for a fair and balanced perspective on incidents before making judgments.
  • The challenges schools face in providing a safe and secure learning environment, including the allocation of limited SROs and architectural considerations.

Guest Co-Host Bio: Mike Monsive is the CEO of ASAP Security, a prominent security solutions provider. With a background in law enforcement and extensive experience working with various law enforcement agencies and city governments, Mike brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the industry. He is passionate about leveraging technology to bridge the gap and enhance security measures.

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