BenQ Senior Director of Business Development Bob Wudeck and Digital Marketing Manager Carly Burton Sallay joined MarketScale Business Development Manager Shannon Maverick in MarketScale’s Trinity Studio for a discussion on exciting innovations in Education Technology.

Specifically, the trio touched on the evolution of in-classroom technology, highlighting the direction of the EdTech industry as a new decade begins.

Wudeck said the primary purpose of technology in education, from chalkboards to the latest, cutting-edge solutions, is to bridge gaps in learning for students.

The technology-native nature of today’s younger generations, Burton Sallay said, is also a key consideration in the modern EdTech space.

“They’re introduced to technology basically the moment they’re out of the womb,” she said. “They are learning at a different pace and in a different way than we ever did when we were younger.”

That comfort with technology, Burton Sallay said, has allowed technology to play a greater role in education sooner in students’ lives than ever before.

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