What subject in school would you have described as emotionally stirring or beautiful? Probably something like English, a Fine Art, even History or Science. Mathematics, for the typical student…not so much. And that’s nothing against mathematics as a field. Shaya Zarkesh, co-founder of Polyup, thinks it’s because of the way it’s being taught. When he was in math class, every complex path from equation to solution was a work of art to him. But looking around at his classmates, he could tell they didn’t share that same feeling… at all. It was then he decided to do something about it. Shaya comes on today’s EdTech episode of Wildfire to detail his passion for math, how the current way it’s being taught in classrooms is doing more harm than good, how Shaya balanced high school and entrepreneurship, and the effect both integrated and emerging technology will have on the mathematics space.

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