Gabrielle McCormick, founder of Scholarship Informer, knows all the detailed online submission requirements for a $30,000 scholarship up for grabs, but she also knows how to use visualization to manifest a positive attitude and growth mindset for winning. Soft skills coupled with technology is the topic of today’s episode of the EdTech Podcast, where we discuss how powerful a focused vision can be for a student, and how technology can empower that vision.

“Being a student athlete, I used the power of visualization,” Gabrielle says. “I used to visualize having a successful game or how I would feel if I got a scholarship. I’d literally close my eyes and see myself pulling up to the mailbox. My mom reaching in and handing me a scholarship letter that I would open and tell her that I won. Then it actually happened. The more I did that, I got myself into the mindset of a winner.”

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