Ed Tech Tips for the 21st Century Classroom: MarketScale Mornings

No two school districts are exactly the same, but as the academic world becomes more tight-knit and ideas are exchanged more freely, children from coast to coast are beginning to feel the benefits.

Monica Burns, Founder of Class Tech Tips, LLC works with teachers and schools around the country to implement the latest technologies and methods into classrooms. She has seen firsthand how teachers are providing more engaging learning experiences for their students, and how they themselves are using technology outside of the classroom to become better teachers.

“Those levels of (technological) implementation, I think people are getting a lot more thoughtful about in the questions that they ask,” Burns said.

In recent years content, in its many forms, has become a pillar of curriculums at all stages of academia, but knowing how to use it properly is critical.

“I do want to emphasize the importance of vetting and curating here, as opposed to that instruction to ‘go out and find a podcast or go out and find a YouTube video,’. We really want to be purposeful and strategic here,” Burns said.

For more thoughts and advice from Burns, head to classtechtips.com.

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