Multiverse Apprenticeships

November 16, 2022

The world of education and work is drastically changing. According to the Department of Labor, apprenticeships have been growing steadily over the last ten years compared to the ten years prior. In 2021,there were 2,879 new apprenticeship programs established nationwide. Higher education is ingrained in our society. Many job postings for work outside of hourly list higher education as a requirement. Unfortunately, the impacts are negative for workers and businesses. Students are missing out on potential work, and businesses are missing out on talent and diversification. How are education programs and apprenticeships working together? What does the current apprenticeship landscape hold for students? This episode of Voices of E-Learning, hosted by JW Marshall and Leena Marie Saleh focuses on how education is intertwined with the workforce, focusing on apprenticeships in the U.S. Guest, Rebecca Agostino, Director of Delivery at Multiverse, shares her expertise on the subject.

This episode highlights…

●How apprenticeships benefit students and companies.

●The Multiverse apprenticeship path and ongoing support.

●The expectations around higher education in our society and open positions.

There’s a severe disconnect between the skills taught and used in work. Fortunately, apprenticeships train to fill this void. “It requires a real nimbleness in curriculum, it requires an accessibility to partnerships, to lots of different types of individuals who could be a great fit for partnership but who have historically been excluded from that space,” said Agostino. Agostino started her career in education as a special educator in NYC. She moved to open a high school in a remote and impoverished city in New Jersey, outside of Philadelphia. Then she fell in love with apprenticeships and moved into working directly with private sector businesses to help them fulfill their needs and give students a clear career path.

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