National Bullying Prevention Month: Hey Dude, Nice Shoes

October 18, 2023


In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, School Safety Today by Raptor Technologies, host Dr. Amy Grosso sat down with Carolyn Jennings-Brown, Founder and Program Director of “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” to discuss the importance of:

  • Raising awareness about bullying and shifting the focus from merely identifying the problem to finding solutions and promoting kindness.
  • How bullying has evolved over the years, especially due to the influence of social media and technology.
  • Setting clear standards of behavior for children, to create safe spaces for communication, and to model pro-kindness behavior, as well as celebrating and appreciating children for who they are.

Guest Carolyn Jennings Brown is a dedicated advocate and motivational speaker for anti-bullying and pro-kindness initiatives. She travels across the United States to deliver her presentation, “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” to students and parents, impacting thousands of lives each year. She also received the National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to school safety and mental health awareness.

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